Keyword Search In Cloud Storage With Outsource Attribute Based Enryption

M.Lakshmi Himaja, Amirishetty Raju


Cloud computing is a radically new computing paradigm, which enables  flexible, on demand, and low cost  usage of computing resources , but the data is deployed to  some cloud servers, and various privacy concerns emerge  from it. Various layouts based on the attribute based  encryption have been proposed to secure the cloud sto rage.  However, most work targets on the data contents privacy and  the access control, while less attention is paid to the privilege  control and the identity privacy. In this paper, a semi anonymous privilege control scheme AnonyControl to  address not only  the data privacy, but also the user identity  privacy in current access control schemes. AnonyControl  decentralizes the central authority to limit the identity origin  and thus achieves semi anonymity. Besides, it also  generalizes the file access control to  the privilege control,  which privileges of all operations on the cloud data can be  managed in a compact structured manner. Subsequently, we  present the AnonyControl F, which fully prevents the  identity leakage  and achieve the full anonymity. Our security  presentation shows  that  both  AnonyControl  and  AnonyControl F are secure under the Diffie Hellman  assumption, and our performance estimation exhibits the  feasibility of our schemes.


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