A Technique for Identifying Unauthorized Echo Using VOIP

N Srinivas, M V Ramana Murthy


It is very popular communication technology protocol of this century and has played tremendous role in communication system. It is preferred by all because it deploys many benefits it uses Internet protocol (IP) networks to deliver multimedia information such as speech over a data network. VoIP system can be configured in these connection modes respectively; PC to PC, Telephony to Telephony and PC to Telephony. Echo is very annoying problem which occurs in VoIP and echo reduces the voice quality of VoIP. It is not possible to remove echo 100% from echoed signal because if echo is tried to be eliminated completely then the attempt may distort the main signal. That is why echo cannot be eliminated echo perfectly but the echo to a tolerable range. Clipping is not a good solution to suppress echo because part of speech may erroneously removed. Besides an NLP does not respond rapidly enough and also confuses the fading of the voice level at the end of a sentence with a residual echo. This paper has proposed echo cancellation in VoIP that has been tested and verified by MATLAB. The goal was to suppress echo without clipping and distorting the main signal. By the help of MATLAB program the echo is minimized to enduring level so that the received signal seems echo free. The percentage of suppressing echo varies with the amplitude of the main signal. With regarding the amplitude variation in received (echo free) signal the proposed method performs better in finding the echo free signal than the other conventional system.

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