Secure Data Sharing In Distributed Cloud Storage Using A Novel Searchable Encryption

T. Muneiah, D.K. Shareef


Cloud computing is cutting-edge technology greatly serving consumer oriented applications. It has the abilities of sharing selective encrypted knowledge by way of public cloud storage with a couple of customers which may alleviate protection over unintended information leaks in the cloud. Efficient key management is fundamental in encryption schemes. For sharing various records with one-of-a-kind organizations in cloud, separate encryption keys are required. Protection is required by way of owner to distribute large number of keys for encryption and shopping, and with the aid of users to store received keys. Users ought to put up equal number of trapdoors to the cloud for search operation. In such case elements of security, storage and complexity are required at its best performance. In this paper we addressed the quandary of comfy information sharing method in cloud storage and studied special searchable encryption systems with multi-user and multi-key schemes with aggregation of a couple of attributes to minimize storage complexity and give a boost to effectivity of search over shared data. A mannequin for Key-aggregate Searchable Encryption(KASE) scheme is proposed, wherein an information owner handiest necessitate to distribute a single key to a person for sharing a significant number of records, and the person best desires to put up a single trapdoor to the cloud for querying the shared documents.

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