Impact of Brand Image on Cool Drink Market With Reference To Hyderabad



Soft drinks are one of the most popular drinks, which consume in all types of occasions. Soft drinks are getting more demand day by day due to changing   climatic conditions, liking for fast

             food and changing culture (increase Western culture).It includes    all  types if non alcoholic,

             carbonated and flavored beverages. These artificially sweetened drinks are available in different flavours, different sizes and in different packages.

Soft drink is a fast moving consumer good (FMCG). Soft drinks are consumed for various

reasons and in various occasions by consumer based on various aspects like price, convenience, medicinal value and social status. The rationale behind the study was to highlight the findings of consumer behaviour towards soft drink carried out in urban places of Hyderabad city and in rural areas of Telangana state.  It is expected that this study will help the researchers to contribute and throw more light on this topic. Developing urbanization, changing food habits, changing climatic conditions and increasing population helps in growing for soft drink industries in near future. Per captia consumption and increase in number of consumers may expect in the near future and any of these or both will result in the growth of soft drink industry.

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