The Role of X-Xi Century Chaganian Literery Environment in the Persian Language Litereture

Jumakulov Jamshid Panjievich


The article deals with creative works of the representatives of Persian-Tajik literature, whose activities were related with the palace of the Chaganian emirs of the X-XI centuries. The Chaganian emirate was under the rule of Samanids, which was the main factor to the development of literature of the Persian-speaking peoples, and the formation of literary environment. Representatives of this environment were such Persian-Tajik poets as Marufiy, Dakikiy, Munjik, Tahir Chagoniy, Badeiy, Farrukhiy, Labibiy and others. Despite the fact that the Chaganyan literature is not fully understood by the writers, no perfect works have yet been created in this area.

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