The Importance of Usage Mordern Technology in Teaching through Proverbs in Primary School

Uralova Oysuluv Poyon kizi


In the context of a digital age that covers all sectors of modern life, access to and use of technology by „digital native” students has been an area of much speculation. After being popularized firstly by Prensky (2001), the term digital natives started to represent the generation born after 1980. Since then, it was noticed that these young people share a common global culture defined less by age than by their experience on digital technology. It is clear that new technologies have become an important dimension in education at all its levels, providing the opportunity to bring it closer and closer to our usual support It is also interesting to find out how technologies can be used to teach proverbs in primary school. This paper follows the importance of technologies use in education in relation with the necessity to teach  proverbs in an attractive way to understand the importance of tradition and values of a nation.

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