National Commissions And Their Role In The Historical-Scientific Process Functioning In The Twentieth Of 20th Century.

Mad’yarova Salimakhan Numandjanovna


Researches that were done about the enlightenment of Turkistan Public in the history of Turkistan and the development of regional studies in the 20th years of 20th century have got an important role.

There were 5 scientific commission and 6 scientific society in Scientific Conference under the Turkistan Public Enlightenment in 1922[1], whereas State Scientific Conference (SSC) involved in 12 scientific society and establishments in 1923.  In 1925, there were 16 scientific society and 5 scientific establishments only in Tashkent city. 

[1]UzR National State Archive (After that NSA).  R‑34. 1‑list. 1180 а. ‑foldingvolume. 103‑page.

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