Human Rights Protection In The Constituion Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Nodirbek B.Bekmirzayev


Maintaining the human rights in international acts and national legislation can be said as an important victory of human history. For example, to this type of international documents belong such international acts adopted by the UNO   as: “the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, “the International Pact on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”[1].

     Adoption of such international norms is the result of the history of mankind composed of struggles for obtaining their human rights. Among such struggles the struggle for human rights and freedoms plays a special importance.  

The independence ofUzbekistanhas opened great opportunities for development and prosperity of both the country and its people. Specially, the role of the Constitution of theRepublicofUzbekistandeserves a special attention. In determining the human rights our constitution resorted to the implementation of the norms of the international documents mentioned above. Today the constitution is considered a leading legal foundation of human rights in our country.

[1] See: International contracts on human rights.  Т.-Adolat, 2004, -pp. 2-59.

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